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New version released
The latest version of BeeBEEP is 5.8.6 and was released on Feb 13th, 2023.

If you want to find out what's new, look at changelog.

There are countless sites from which to download BeeBEEP. Pay attention because unfortunately not all of them are reliable. Perhaps the best thing is to always download BeeBEEP from this web page.

2k/week downloads from SourceForge.

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Microsoft Windows

BeeBEEP for Microsoft Windows is available in 3 versions. The installation package has the advantage of configuring the firewall automatically to allow the correct functioning of BeeBEEP.
The portable version has the advantage that you can install it wherever you want, even on a USB stick and always carry it with you.

Apple MacOSX

MacOSX versions are compressed files in ZIP format. You can unzip the downloaded file and drag in the "Applications" folder.
In case of an update, the system will ask you if you want to overwrite the old version. Do it, there is no danger, you will not lose the settings and your messages.
To start the program the first time you need to do CTRL + click on the icon and then press the "Open" button.


This installation package for OS/2 is constantly updated by Elbert Pol. You can support his work with a donation.

Source code

BeeBEEP is developed in C ++ and uses Qt libraries. You can compile the sources on any platform that supports these features.

If you want to help create an installation package for your favorite operating system let me know, so I will be able to thank you publicly on this site.


In this section you can find BeeBEEP plugins.
They are contained in a ZIP file that you will need to extract directly in the BeeBEEP folder.


The historical archive of all BeeBEEP versions from 2010 to today.

Hi, I'm BeeBEEP, the free office messenger that for 13 years has been helping people like you keep messages safe and private.

Do you like BeeBEEP? Click here and make a small donation to help me continue to develop it.
BeeBEEP is an opensource project hosted by SourceForge

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