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Hi, I'm BeeBEEP, the free office messenger that for 14 years has been helping people like you keep messages safe and private.





BeeBEEP is the free instant messaging application voted the number 1 in the world by 213,275 professionals who use it every day.
BeeBEEP does not need a server to work.
This simplicity makes it the best solution available in the world for offices that want to maintain a high level of privacy.
BeeBEEP is very easy to use. Install it now on your computer and immediately start exchanging messages and files with your colleagues in a safe and private way.

Are you tired of having to send your private messages through external servers?

Well! You're in the right place.

BeeBEEP is the office messaging application that does not need an external server to let users communicate with each other.

Messages are encrypted and delivered directly to the recipient, without intermediaries, through one of the block encryption algorithms safest in the world: BeeBEEP uses Rijndael, known by many as AES, with a random 256-bit key generated for every single point-to-point connection that is made.

In your office, in your laboratory, at school, at home, in the hospital or in any other activity having the need for security and privacy, BeeBEEP is the best way to keep your private messages safe.

Do you need to share several files with your colleagues and don't want to rely on cloud services outside your office?

Perfect! BeeBEEP will do it in a simple and safe way.

BeeBEEP offers you the possibility to easily transfer files in your office. Just drag them into the conversation window and you're done.

In the same way you can also transfer entire folders!

Furthermore BeeBEEP also allows you to share your files always safely and always without the need for external servers.
With the BeeBOX function you can share a folder on your computer with your colleagues practically as if you are using Dropbox.
With BeeSHARE you can share as many folders and files as you want with your colleagues as if you are using the old Napster, Kazaa or eMule.

Do you use different operating systems in the office and are they often incompatible with each other?

No problem! You can install BeeBEEP on Windows, Linux, MacOSX, Raspberry and OS/2.

BeeBEEP is compiled on about ten development environments and then tested on different platforms.
This is just one of the reasons that makes BeeBEEP the best office messenger that you can find today on the internet between free and open-source software.

If your operating system is missing, you can always contact me for assistance on how compile BeeBEEP and use it in your environment.

BeeBEEP is an open-source and free application developed by Marco Mastroddi.

The first thing to be sure of is the transparency of those who offer you a software for the privacy and security of your data.

The BeeBEEP source code is open to everyone and you can always check that what I'm telling you is the truth.

Hi, let me introduce myself, I am Marco, I am 49 years old, I live in Rome (Italy) and I have a desire to do that many have called out of the ordinary.
I started thinking about BeeBEEP after having thoroughly studied the functioning of internet networks, e-mails and instant messengers.

The conclusion to which I arrived was, for me, a dramatic surprise: anyone can read everything if adequately motivated and technically prepared.
There is no shelter.
There is no security.
Those who tell you otherwise will do so only for convenience.

The solution I found is simply to make things as difficult as possible for those who try to go beyond the limits of your privacy. How?

BeeBEEP is based on these two fundamental concepts:

  • desktop computers in your local network are more secure than mobile phones in the global network;
  • an instant messenger is safer than a phone call: today an environmental interception is simpler than a computer one.

After years of development and testing, today I can promise you this:
"A properly configured BeeBEEP network makes things extremely complicated for those who want to intercept your messages."

As proof of all this, I received news that BeeBEEP has been used for years for internal communications by some Police and Army departments, Law Firms, Banks and Security Agencies in countries around the world.

But above all...

Why pay an office messenger when you can get one for free?

Yes, it's free and without ads.

So rich in features that it will take years before I can describe them all on this site.

The 13 main features of BeeBEEP...

BeeBEEP main window
BeeBEEP main window (MS Windows)
More security
BeeBEEP does not use external servers, all encrypted traffic remains in your network.
BeeBEEP is free and always will be.
Easy to use
BeeBEEP is a serverless application. Download, unzip and start.
Multiple OS
BeeBEEP is released for Windows, MacOSX, Linux, Raspberry (Raspbian) and OS/2.
Instant messaging
You can chat with all people connected, group or single user.
Voice messages
You can record and send your voice messages.
You can create your favorite groups of people.
P2P file sharing
You can send or share files and folders (also by drag a file and drop it in chat window).
Improved file transfer
You can recover failed downloads or pause and then resume the transfer in progress.
Offline messages
BeeBEEP stores messages that will be delivered to offline users when they will be online.
Preset messages
You can save predefined messages to be sent with a simple click.
Message history
BeeBEEP can save all your chat messages.
Desktop sharing
You can share desktop for receive assistance or show presentations.

The BeeBEEP numbers...

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Users in the last month




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...and where BeeBEEP is used in the world.

(Statistics made by analyzing anonymized data in 2019)

(*) Daily users in 2019 from Google Analytics

What they say about BeeBEEP...

We (The company I work for... so the 'Royal We') have been testing BeeBEEP out for a replacement for LAN Messenger after we upgraded to Windows 10. We have been pleasantly surprised to find it to be a very robust and responsive program. We tested BeeBEEP in a per office scenario, but as of the 5.4.2 version, we have begun testing it in our Wide Area Environment. At this time, we have it deployed to 5500+ workstations running in some high latency environments as a test and it is working within out design parameters. The 700+ locations span 5000+ kilometers, split between ISP vendors and still the application works as we expected it to. To be honest, we were not expecting this level of robustness from BeeBEEP.

Seagoose (review from

I was looking for alternative to LAN Messenger, and found BeeBEEP. It's awesome. No special configuration required to set it up. We are using it for our two offices located on different locations. Just used VPN to connect both office networks and it worked perfectly. It needs more exposure on internet. Thanks a lot for this awesome software.

xenia2608 (review from

For a freeware application that doesn't even require to be installed to work, BeeBEEP sure packs in a whole bunch of goodness. Sporting a basic yet nicely designed UI, BeeBEEP makes chatting with users over a local networks a cakewalk.

Rajat Sharma (ILoveFreeSoftware)

BeeBEEP is a great tool to enable easy interoffice, LAN-based chats for your SMB. Give this software a shot. I think it's one of the easiest internal chat solutions available.

Jack Wallen (TechRepublic)

We, licensed Amateur Radio Operators, are using BeeBEEP to communicate between nodes on a MESH network operating in the 2.4 and 5 GHZ Amateur Radio bands. The purpose of the network is to provide reliable communications during emergencies. We are located in Florida and Amateur Radio is a key part of hurricane and wild fire emergency operations. We realize your work is gratis and as amateurs appreciate the work that has gone into BeeBEEP. It is a fabulous piece of software and extremely useful to us and and I hope it is also used from other amateur radio networks around the world. Thank you for making this application public and free.

Den Spiess (W2DEN), Assistant Emergency Coordinator at SRQ ARES

Recently started using BeeBEEP to keep in touch with my partner, both of us working from home on different floors for different companies, and it has transformed our lives -- so much easier than phone/text/walky-talkies!

Simon Turner

BeeBEEP screenshots...

I'm definitely not good at taking screenshots.
If you have nicer ones with BeeBEEP in action, send them to me so I can publish them here.

BeeBEEP in action on different operating systems...
Move the mouse to the left or right end of the screen to scroll through the images.

Don't wait any longer to secure your messages...

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Hi, I'm BeeBEEP, the free office messenger that for 14 years has been helping people like you keep messages safe and private.

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