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Answers to the most frequently asked questions on BeeBEEP.

Last updated: Sep 15th, 2019

Why is BeeBEEP free?

Good question. I could talk for hours about what it means for me give BeeBEEP as a gift, the reasons are many and not always as obvious as it may seem. I'll tell you the two main ones.

The first reason is that basically I always look for personal growth in all the things I do. If this growth brings money then so much better for me, but it's not important as long as I have a roof to sleep under, some books and a computer where I can realize my ideas.

Regarding second main reason, BeeBEEP is a great computer gym. It gives me the opportunity to understand problems and find solutions. It allows me to grow professionally as not only as a programmer but also in managing everything that revolves around software.
BeeBEEP is part of my curriculum vitae.
BeeBEEP is something tangible that makes the difference more than any piece of paper.
BeeBEEP is like a letter of introduction signed by more than 40,000 users who used it every day in 2018.
BeeBEEP is my business card.

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Does BeeBEEP work even if my company has several locations with different networks configured?

Yes, it does, if the locations in your company are interconnected through a vpn or something similar.
The best performance test I know is that of a company with 5500+ workstations, in 700+ locations, span 5000+ kilometers with many ISP vendors (as the review on the homepage tells).

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Are file transfers and desktop sharing also encrypted?

Yes they are. Each BeeBEEP peer-to-peer connection is always encrypted with a 256-bit random key.

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What is the BeeBEEP resource folder?

It is the folder from which BeeBEEP loads its resource files: beebeep.rc configuration file, translations, plugins, default beep file (beep.wav) and other libraries. It is usually the same folder where the BeeBEEP executable is present. In unix systems the following folders will also be checked:


The last path that is checked is the data folder.
You can see what is the default resource folder in the BeeBEEP menu Main - Open your resource folder...
If the menu item is not present then the resource folder is the same as the data.

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What is the beebeep.rc file?

It is a text file where the initial configuration of BeeBEEP is stored. It is mainly used to provide a series of standard options for use in your network.
Being a text file you can create it with any editor, like "Notepad" on Windows, "gedit" on Linux and "TextEdit" on MacOSX. Normally the file should be placed in the resource folder.

Do you want an example on how to use the beebeep.rc file? Visit the online help.

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What is the BeeBEEP data folder?

It is the folder where BeeBEEP stores the data of the user who is using it as the configuration file (beebeep.ini), the log file (beebeep.log - only with option "Log to file" checked), the encoded file of sent messages (beebeep.dat) and that of unsent messages (
Inside, there is also the cache folder with all the temporary files.
It can also be used as a resource folder for more customized configurations.
Open the BeeBEEP log to see the search order that is executed to load configuration, translation files and plugins.
You can see what is the data folder in the BeeBEEP menu Main - Open your data folder...

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Where does BeeBEEP save local user preferences?
What is the beebeep.ini file?

It is a text file where BeeBEEP stores the local user preferences.
You can also modify it with any text editor but remember to close BeeBEEP before editing this file otherwise all your changes will be lost.
Normally the file should be placed in the data folder.

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Where is the BeeBEEP log?

You can read the log of the current session by going to the BeeBEEP menu Main - Show the BeeBEEP log....

You can enable the option Log to file if you want to save logs and check them by a text editor. Usually the logs will be saved in the file data folder/beebeep.log.

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Why doesn't BeeBEEP have the chat graphics with "the balloons" like the other messengers?

BeeBEEP has been designed according to some fundamental principles. One of these is usability before beauty. Yes I know, we are often used to the contrary (for example, people tend to buy a shoe that is more beautiful than comfortable).

I used different programs with balloon graphics but, among other things, I found, for example, difficulties in copying multiple messages together. The BeeBEEP message viewer is something more like a web page than a classic messenger. This choice, without a doubt, allows a more professional use of messages in the office environment.

In the future, when the time available allows me, I am sure I can give the user the possibility to choose between usability and better graphics...

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Why do the BeeBEEP icons on my screen look grainy or too large?

Unfortunately in some cases the automatic recognition of the screen DPI does not work well.
This often happens when the scale factor is set to a size greater than 100%.
If this problem occurs, don't worry, it is easily solved with these steps:

  • Download the qt.conf file from this link.
  • Put the file in the same directory where the BeeBEEP executable is.
    You can find beebeep.exe in Windows usually in folder:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\BeeBEEP\
  • Restart BeeBEEP.

Reference: Ticket #584 on SourceForge.

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How to disable chat with all?

You must create the beebeep.rc configuration file if it does not already exist and disable the option EnableChatWithAllUsers.

Sample file content: beebeep.rc

EnableChatWithAllUsers = false

People will continue to see "Chat with all" but will not be able to send messages (so the channel can still be used by system administrators to send a message to everyone).

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Why is a security message shown when you launch BeeBEEP for the first time?

BeeBEEP is not a digitally signed application and operating systems like Windows or MacOSX warn users against using software without a digital signature.
I fully understand their reasons but a digital certificate has a cost per year and you need one for Microsoft and one for Apple. BeeBEEP is a free software and I wouldn't even have to pay to distribute it.
So, be careful and download BeeBEEP from trusted sites.
For the rest, I'm sure you will understand my point of view and you won't mind doing one or two more clicks to launch BeeBEEP the first time.

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What is SourceForge?

SourceForge is a web-based service that offers software developers a centralized online location to control and manage free and open-source software projects.
You find more information about it on this page.

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