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Ultimo aggiornamento: 12/06/2023

  • If you need support or assistance, check the help section of this site often because it is constantly updated.
  • If you want to know if your message has been read (in theory only displayed) by the recipient, move the arrow with the mouse on his avatar in the chat window and wait for the tooltip to be shown with the information you want to have.
  • If you want a bold text write a *bold text*.
  • If you want an italic text write a /italic text/.
  • If you want an underlined text write a _underlined text_.
  • If you want a rainbow text write a ~rainbow text~ (only with plugin enabled).
  • If you want to format your message with words in regular and bold font write a [text to format] (only with plugin enabled).
  • If you want to encode your message with numbers write a #text to encode# (only with plugin enabled).
  • You can search previous sent message in the history using the CTRL+Up e CTRL+Down keys.
  • You can switch between chats with CTRL+TAB if there are new messages availables.
  • You can send an important message to different recipients using the Create a message option in the BeeBEEP bar.
  • If you want the path of a file or folder (even remote) to be clickable send it with a single message.
  • You can quote a message or part of it by selecting words and right clicking on the selection. In the menu that opens, choose the option Quote selected text.
  • You can search for a string within the conversation using either the context menu (right click on the chat) or the CTRL+F shortcut. You can search for the next occurrence of the string with "CTRL+G" or the previous one with "CTRL+SHIFT+G". For more information on shortcuts you can look at the menu: Settings - Interface - Shortcuts ...
  • You can send message with Return or with CTRL+Return instead of using SEND button.
    BeeBEEP chat toolbar with send message options
    You can switch between options by activating or deactivating the "Return" button.
  • You can minimize all chats with the shortcut "CTRL+M" and you can reactivate them with "CTRL+B".
    If you need to open a particular chat using only the keyboard you can use "CTRL+ALT+C" and navigate the list with the arrows. Once you have selected the chat you are interested in, you can open it using the "Enter", "Return" or "Space" keys.
File transfer
  • You can drop files to active chat and send them to members.
  • You can also send a file or folder by dragging them to the user in the list in the BeeBEEP main window.
  • You can select multiple files from network shares and download them simultaneously with a right click.
  • You can disable message notification from a group right clicking on its name on the list.
  • You can enable notifications for chat with all by checking the option:
    Settings - Notifications - Enable notifications also for chat with all users.
    In BeeBEEP 5.6.4 and lower versions:
    Settings - Chat - Enable notifications also for chat with all users.
User/Chat/Group/History list
  • You can put users among your favorites to always see them at the top of the list. Right click on his/her name in the list and then select the star icon.
  • If your user list is too long, consider using Workgroups to filter it.
  • You can change the background color of your lists using the right button to open the menu with options.

Ciao, sono BeeBEEP, l’applicazione di messaggistica gratuita per uffici che da 14 anni aiuta le persone come te a mantenere al sicuro e privati i propri messaggi.

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